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Pankaj Billa & Co. Payroll Processing

PBC takes care of all the Payroll processing requirements we provide simple and convenient ways to pay salary to the employes and file tax return in time. We guarantee precision and timeliness at every stage of processing.

By outsourcing company's payroll, one can save valuable time and resources and avoid mistakes.

Our basic services include calculating pay check and tax obligations for each employee, printing and delivering cheques, and providing management reports.

We commit to speedy turnaround times and accurate work. PBC provides easy system for you to track and update employee's information.

Above all, PBC offers top-level customer services to handle any concerns and queries.

Pankaj Billa & Co. How & What We Do?

Payroll Administration Includes:

  • Maintaining master data base of all employees.
  • Entering attendance data, Leaves, Overtime, Monthly Reimbursements, and changes in salary if any.
  • Maintaining Masters towards recovery of Loans as deduction from monthly salary.
  • Calculations and deductions of Correct Tax Deducted at Source from the salaries of Employees.
  • Processing of HR and Pay particulars for new joinees from offer letter.
  • Preparation and Processing of payroll.
  • Salary output and variance statement to be verified and authorized.
  • Disbursements of salary to employees via power pay accounts.
  • Distribution of Pay slips to employees.
  • Downloading the payroll data to Finance for making necessary entries in books of accounts.
  • Submission of PF, ESI, TDS, Professional Tax advice to Finance Department to make necessary cheque for deposit of the same to the credit of central Government, and other relevant details in case of PF for complying with PF monthly formalities.
  • Preparation of full and final settlement of employees and settlement of the same based on the company policies.

Quaterly Activities

Quarterly filling of TDS Returns in Form 24 Q for the group.

Half Yearly Activities

Conduct half yearly audit of complete payroll process to ensure correct data processing and compliance of company’s policies and procedures by a team of chartered accountants and other qualified staff not involved in the day-to-day processing of salary.

Annual Activities

  • Updation of annual compensations and benefits review of the all the employees.
  • Forwarding of Declarations and incorporating the same in calculating TDS on salaries.
  • Verifications of proof of investments in tax saving schemes as declared by the employees in the declaration forms and incorporating the same in the master files of employees.
  • Preparation of Form 16 and Dispatch the same to the concern employees
Output Generated

We generate the following outputs :
  • Payroll Summary
  • Monthly Variance Reports
  • Pay Slips
  • Statement of Tax Deducted
  • Statement of Advances Deducted
  • Other Deduction
  • TDS Challan on a Monthly Basis
  • FORM 16

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